The Museum of Russian Impressionism - John McAslan + Partners

—  This project for John McAslan and Partners, an international architectural consultancy in London, was to prepare a presentational book to accompany the opening of their Museum of Russian Impressionism in Moscow which opened in May 2016. My fundamental role was to design the book and co-ordinate all the graphic material and text which described the project’s inception, context and organisation. In the first instance, this involved simplifying and redrawing plans and elevational graphics to be appropriate for the presentation. These were then integrated into a wider graphic concept for the publication which was focused on the idea of using laser cut paper engineered profiles of the building to illustrate it’s rich layers of facade and volumetric intricacy. The project is a complex narrative and its description involved using a variety of different graphic sources; the challenge was to give a unifying consistency and quality to the finished publication.

It was a remarkable opportunity to be given the responsibility to prepare this book both in terms of the graphic design but also the management of the project and its delivery. The book is to be translated into Russian and used as a key promotional catalogue for the Museum.