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The Future of Retail - Leslie Jones Architecture

—  Whilst being employed at Leslie Jones Architecture I was asked to develop an alternative and eye-catching document that the managing partners would use whilst they gave a series of lectures and meetings on the topic of the future of retail. Not only was this an interesting subject to be involved with, but I was given a lot of creative leeway in regard to the final outcome. The lectures the directors were giving would be addressing the current issues in the retail sector and exploring ideas to reinvigorate it. They wanted the document to combine the image of a regular high street with pictures of a selection of alternative retailers from around the globe to re-enforce this message.

I saw this as a perfect opportunity to incorporate my interest in illustration, found a high street and sketched a stretch of it. I then began researching the shops that the directors wanted installed in this and drew them into the empty shop fronts. This was an exercise in creativity seeing as many of the chosen shops in their current state did no fit into this context, meaning I had to reconfigure and design new layouts. The resulting piece was 1.75 meters long, which I then brought into Adobe Illustrator and transformed into a vector. Lastly I added a selection of images to match the shops which would provide some visual reference for the viewers. The final product I had printed in a long scroll that I then folded into a concertina with two hard covers. This decision was made so that the presenters could either lay the document out, stand it up or present page by page, making the result adaptable to its environment.

The document went down well with my directors who have now been using it in a number of their presentations. They say that it is a great tool for sparking the interest of their audience, explaining their vision, and the creative style of the document helps get their imaginations going.