Map Design - VIE

—  This was a project I was involved with whilst interning at Assembly Studios in London. The job we were hired for was to brand a company in Vienna called Vie, a business based on combining work and socialising which had to be reflected in the designs.

My job was to take the multitude of maps we were given by the client and reduce them to three of my own design whilst still incorporating all the information displayed in the originals. I began by finding what was essential to involve in my maps and found it was a combination of two factors; the company’s location in Austria and the local transport links. So, I first designed three maps which gave a sense of where the company was in Austria, one that gave a more detailed look at where the building was based within the city and finally a map which showed where in Vienna the company was situated. Finally I designed a series of transport symbols which fit with the style of the map, and inserted them in the correct locations. This was one of the projects that I worked on at Assembly where I felt very confident in my process and with a bit of advice from my peers I was able to create something to a professional standard which was included in the final presentation and received some great feedback from the clients.