Creepy Crawlies - The Natural History Museum

—  This was a self-initiated project to create a poster to advertise the Creepy Crawlies exhibit in the Natural History Museum. This display is my favourite in London and has been one that I have frequently visited since my childhood. After starting university, I became aware of how, in comparison to the rest of the museum, it was poorly advertised and exhibited. I decided to design a poster that could be used as a preliminary step towards updating the whole exhibition space so that today’s children could enjoy it much like I have. I began by looking into bugs and their biology, how their exoskeletons interacted with their limbs and how this affected their colourful exteriors. From here, I recreated many of these using only two sheets of paper, an attempt to simplify these complex creatures and remove some of the creepy factor that can keep patrons away. Drawing from the traditional method of catching insects and then framing them, I stuck a pin through each of the insect silhouettes but not the insects themselves. This was an attempt to convey to the viewer that this exhibition promised a whole new experience and understanding of bugs. This is one of my favourite projects and was my first step into a life long interest in paper and layers.


NHM Poster.png