Leslie Jones Architecture - Plymvale Masterplan

Architectural Illustrations

—  Something I have developed in the various architectural practices I have worked at is a style of graphic architectural illustration. I have had practice in masterplans, floor plans, sections, elevations, site planning and more abstract outcomes, examples of each can be found of the following pages. The style itself has developed into a combination of dominant shapes and bold colours drawing inspiration from soviet constructivist lino prints and pop art.

During my time at John Mcaslan + Partners when doing one of these illustrations I used a selection of muted greys and a bold yellow to pair nicely with the companies branding. One of the major projects that this was linked to had me being tasked with doing a graphic elevation for every Russian project that they had undertaken. This was done in order to graphically make each project feel like it was related to the same company. This was a fantastic assignment and gave me time to establish a style and streamline the way I go about crating these drawings. These illustrations were later used in an exhibition and were expanded to some of the European projects as well.

At Leslie Jones Architecture my illustrations have a more diverse colour palette including a variety of greens, blues, greys and oranges, which was done to make them more dramatic and eye catching. The most extensive drawing I have done in my time with the company has been a masterplan of Plymvale, an old airport site that the practice was hired to convert into a urban district. The drawing took a considerable amount of time and effort that can be seen in the level of detail depicted, not only this but the illustration itself covers the site and surrounding plots. The drawing was well received and is now an image that the company regularly uses when representing our firm and the services we provide.

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