50th Anniversary Competition - Vintage Ladybird

—  This was a competition I undertook with a partner to design a piece for the 50th anniversary of Vintage Ladybird. We began by investigating the brand’s history and were very interested in how Vintage Ladybird books had been used to teach individuals about so many different topics. We decided we would design the first of a series of books that could be used to teach children or adults about graphic techniques in the 20th century. We started by prototyping four books based on four Adobe programs because, as contemporary designers, we viewed these as some of the essential tools that are used most frequently now. The books were based on the Ladybird’s A B C format; each double page spread containing information on a tool or effect, and advice on how to use it. We spent a lot of time cultivating the right style of image, as each picture in the original books was a hand painted illustration, something we wanted to emulate. In reaction to this, we took each of our photos and put them through image trace in Illustrator and then edited the colours to have a softer and more pastel feel. For the covers, we went for a series of overly happy groups of people of different ages using computers and learning together, a tongue in cheek reference to the traditional Ladybird covers and their gleeful exteriors.